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About Us

Our Motivation

We believe that everything is connected; from the birth of a cell, to the death of a star. Your inner world reflects your outer world. In order to make change, it must start with yourself. We offer the best tools along your path of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, because we believe you can reach your fullest human potential. There is a global movement of people just like you, who will ultimately uplift humanity as a whole.



Why Seven?

Seven is a number that inherently represents our belief of universal connectedness. Cultures across time, and around the world found it fascinating. Some even used it to connect us to the cosmos. In Vedic astrology, this number connects us to the heavens: their seven sacred planets, each represent one specific energy centre in our body.



Who We Are

Hi, I'm Dan. I’ve travelled the world, learning and growing. My path has been to learn full, confident self-expression. I’ve met many wise people with whom I spoke, and received gifts of knowledge. But it wasn’t until I began to allow myself freedom of movement, that I really began to embody freedom of expression. Understanding the importance of movement as a holistic health practice, I’ve studied Kinesiology and Massage Therapy to help those around me rediscover their love of movement! Many factors stand between a person and this rediscovery, and in the quest to provide a truly holistic offering, Karim and I created SEVEN Health to add another piece to this whole. 


Hi, I’m Karim Premji.  I'm a holistic nutritionist and teacher at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I have been a wellness entrepreneur for close to 20 years and fully appreciate the value of helping people experience wellness by sharing principles that incorporate lifestyle, diet, and filling in the gaps with scientifically validated supplements and whole foods. I originally got my Bcomm in Information Technology Management from Ryerson University, then later pursued my studies in the field of holistic nutrition.

I value the power of our Ambassador program since during these uncertain economic times, this model can help you create more financial security. Join with us and share wellness and create wealth for your life purposes.

Our journey started with one word: “Yes!” In our first conversation, we both realized how our passions overlapped. Karim told me, “We’re going to create something great.” And I replied, “Yes!” Then, we set our direction: to bring access and awareness of ancient and cutting-edge knowledge to support mind, body and spiritual growth. Where this journey will take us is yet to be discovered, as we keep taking steps forward in full trust that the powers at be support us. 

SEVEN Health is our way of making the difference in the world. We look forward to helping you along your journey!


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Our Guarantee

We know you'll love our products, but if you aren't fully satisfied we are committed to making it right. Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase.

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